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3 Important Safety Tips for Gas Fireplaces March 3, 2017

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3 Important Safety Tips for Gas Fireplaces, Stamford, Connecticut

Gas fireplaces can be a warm and cozy addition to any home. While they don’t pose the same safety challenges as a traditional fireplace, they still require vigilance and care. Here, Nordic Stove and Fireplace Center of Stamford, CT, urges their customers to take the following three precautions with their gas heating fixtures.

3 Safety Tips for Gas Fireplaces

1. Steer Clear of Burns & Fire Hazards

Unlike a conventional fireplace that burns wood, your gas fireplace will have glass doors. These can get extremely hot, burning any material or skin that touches them. Stay away from the glass until it cools, and ensure any fabric or paper is kept at a safe distance.

2. Protect Yourself From Gas Leaks & Carbon Monoxide

Gas FireplacesOne of the most prominent risks of gas usage in your home is the potential for leaks. If you smell gas, evacuate immediately. Have a safety pilot installed to shut off the gas in your fireplace before it reaches dangerous levels.

Improper venting can also cause carbon monoxide to build up in your home. Make sure to install detectors and confirm they are functioning properly, as you won’t be able to detect this deadly threat by sight or smell.

3. Schedule Regular Maintenance

As with any appliance, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Have your fireplace cleaned and examined annually for the best possible results. A technician can put your mind at ease by confirming that all its components—from the gas line to the vents—are in safe working order.

Whether you’re shopping for gas fireplaces or looking for fireplace accessories, turn to Nordic Stove and Fireplace Center in Stamford, Connecticut. Their staff members are available to answer your questions and make suggestions at (203) 406-9881. You can also learn more about gas fireplaces on their website.

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