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How to Select the Perfect Wood for Your Kitchen Cabinets March 3, 2017

Florida, Orange
How to Select the Perfect Wood for Your Kitchen Cabinets, Florida, New York

Choosing your kitchen cabinets is a major decision in your kitchen remodel but it can be tough to determine what cabinets will look best. Wholesale Cabinets in Florida, NY, has been providing Orange County with the widest selection of all wood and ready to assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets for years. They know what it takes to find the perfect wood cabinet to complete your kitchen:


When deciding on cabinets you need to pay attention to quality construction. All wood and RTA cabinets are made from natural wood or plywood making them more durable than those made with particle board. Along with quality construction, the kitchen cabinets should come with features such as soft close doors or dove-tailed drawers. These details add to the overall look and feel of your kitchen.


Another consideration is how well the cabinets will work with how you use your kitchen. If you need extra storage or deep shelves for oversized cooking pots and pans, make sure the wood cabinets you choose accommodate the space you need. There is nothing worse than deciding on cabinets for looks and not for function.


Kitchen CabinetsChoosing the color of the wood for your cabinets can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many amazing options and finishes. One way to determine the color is to consider the size of your kitchen. Dark woods can make a small space look and feel smaller. Choosing a lighter wood if you’re short on square footage can make your kitchen feel more open. If you must have dark wood, try to balance it out by incorporating a lighter floor, granite countertop, or backsplash.


Finally, choose a cabinet that best suits your taste and will work seamlessly in your home. Styles of kitchen cabinets range from shaker, flat panel, and arched cathedral. They can be modern, contemporary, or traditional. Determine what your style is and then find a cabinet that reflects that and you will always make the right decision.

When you are ready to install kitchen cabinets, call the experts at Wholesale Cabinets at (845) 508-6577 today. The friendly, professional staff can walk you through the process of picking out the perfect cabinets. If you are interested in learning about all their options for your home or kitchen remodel, visit them online.