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Eviction Scheduled? Hire a Locksmith-serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx NY February 23, 2017

Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
Eviction Scheduled? Hire a Locksmith-serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx NY, Brooklyn, New York

A 24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Corp.–

Serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, NY

An eviction process for any landlord can be frustrating, lengthy and requires coordination between the three parties: City Marshal, the landlord's representative, and a locksmith who is going to help open the locks. If the tenant refuses to unlock the door, or if the tenant left and did not leave his or her keys, locksmith picks or drills the locks.

After Notice of Eviction from a City Marshal is given, the tenant who defaulted on the rent, needs to re-pay his or her debt or vacate the premises. Unfortunately, the process does not always go smoothly. A locksmith is needed to assist in gaining access to the premises and changing the locks, if necessary.

The choice of locks is not limited to the type of the existing lock models. The new cylinders, deadbolts and door knobs need to be compatible with the current hardware and their overall dimensions need to match. The landlord will decide, if he needs a set of high-security locks to be installed, or if he will go with the more affordable solution. Knowing that high-security locks will stop any intruder from breaking in, the landlord might choose Medeco or Mul-T-Lock. If there are budgetary concerns, since the high-security locks are costly, the landlord might opt out of this expensive solution and go with the alternate way of securing the door to his property by installing low to medium security locks like Marks, Kwikset, Schlage. 

In Brooklyn Kings county area alone there are over 300 evictions a year, according to Housing Court Answers. Thousands of "possessions" are ordered each year and Marshal padlocks apartments or houses. Only those who pay arrears, Marshal fees and additional $1500.00-$2000.00 are let back in. 

The help of a locksmith is needed and the locksmith has to be on time, because the Marshal will not wait. Rescheduling another appointment will take time and money. So hiring a reliable licensed and trustworthy company is a must. A 24 Hours Emergency Locksmith Corp. is always on call. If the eviction appointment is at 9:00 a.m., it is never a problem for the locksmith to beat the traffic and arrive before the Marshal gets to the location.

Serving all five boroughs for Locksmith Eviction services. Contact us online for more information about scheduling your service in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx or call us at 718-954-9776

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