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When Should I Seek Legal Counsel From a Divorce Lawyer? March 2, 2017

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When Should I Seek Legal Counsel From a Divorce Lawyer?, Gig Harbor Peninsula, Washington

If you are considering divorce, it's easy to feel as though there’s no one in your corner, but a dedicated divorce lawyer will serve as your ally every step of the way. John A. Rorem is a family law attorney in Gig Harbor, Washington, who always gives his clients the care and attention they deserve, and you can be sure he will protect your interests, too. 

Even if you foresee an amicable split, there are several advantages to hiring an attorney to represent you. Read on to learn more:

When You Should Hire a Divorce Attorney

When You Want to Avoid Mistakes

Divorce law is complicated, especially when it comes to asset distribution and child custody. If you want to avoid critical errors that could compromise your interests or delay the case, a skilled divorce lawyer will help you do that.

divorce lawyerWhen You Want to Focus on Yourself

Everyone copes with divorce differently, and there is no wrong way to grieve the loss of your marriage. It’s natural for emotions to run high during the proceedings, and you should take some time to focus on yourself. When you hire an attorney to help you file all necessary documents and represent your interests, you have more time to pursue your passions, attend counseling, or start a new hobby.

When You Want to Ensure You Understand the Proceedings

If you have particular goals at any stage of the divorce, you need to make sure you pursue them in a legally binding way. An attorney will help you pursue these goals and explain the court’s decisions in a way that is easy to understand.

If you’re considering leaving your spouse and need a compassionate divorce attorney who will remain accessible throughout the duration of your case, turn to John A. Rorem in Gig Harbor, Washington. Visit his website to learn more about his experience in family law, and call (253) 858-5358 to schedule an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer today.

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