Upper East Side, New York
962 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10021
Originally intended to be a temporary location, Mecox Gardens now takes permanent residence on the world famous Lexington Avenue in New York City’s Upper East Side. In a city filled with custom antique and handmade furniture stores, no other retailer features the same breadth of professionally curated, high-end indoor and outdoor interior design merchandise.

Mecox Announces the Consolidation of Local Twitter Handles October 14, 2014

Upper East Side, Manhattan
Mecox Announces the Consolidation of Local Twitter Handles, Manhattan, New York

At Mecox, our premier home, antique, and design destination, we love using social media to communicate and interact with our customer base every day, and have appreciated the opportunity to connect with our virtual community. Whether we are getting insights on our products, events, decorating ideas, or designer clients, we truly value the feedback we have received from both the local design communities and our loyal clientele.

For almost two years, we have been updating eight separate Mecox Twitter accounts – one for each location. We initially began our effort so that each emporium could showcase their own local flair and have catered our social media postings to each individual store to reflect the design community and city around them. However, we believe that we can communicate both our local Mecox character and our national brand through our main Mecox Gardens Twitter handle. 

To that end, we’ve decided to consolidate all of our accounts into one @MecoxGardens handle. By pooling all of our social content into one space, clients can stay in touch and join the conversation with greater efficiency.

Our team of passionate and friendly staff members puts a premium on engaging with the local design community and we believe that our one main Twitter channel will be the perfect place to both inject diversity from all of our eight cities, grow our melting pot of antique and design enthusiasts, and expand the Mecox family.

With all of this in mind, we kindly invite each and every one of our treasured Mecox Twitter followers to continue interacting with the Mecox brand and each local store, by following us @MecoxGardens as we shepherd everyone to our main handle this coming week.