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Teeth 101 February 24, 2017

Brookline, Norfolk
Teeth 101 , Brookline, Massachusetts

Not only do our teeth help us to chew and to speak, but our dental health actually has a serious impact on our overall health. We often take our teeth for granted, until something goes wrong, that is! Get ready to brush up (get it?) on your knowledge of teeth. Not only will you be able to impress your friends and family, it may be the first step in giving them the attention they rightfully deserve.

The Parts of the Tooth

A tooth is divided into two basic parts - the crown and the root. The crown is the visible white part of the tooth while the root extends below the gum line and anchors the tooth to the bone. In addition, your teeth contain four kinds of tissue.

  • Enamel – The visible substance that covers the tooth crown. Enamel is harder than bone and protects the tooth from decay.

  • Dentin – Found underneath enamel and is similar to bone. Dentin is not has hard as enamel and is at greater risk for decay if a tooth’s enamel is worn away.

  • Cementum – Covers the tooth root and attaches the tooth to the bone. Cementum is softer than both enamel and dentin and is best protected by taking good care of your gums.

  • Pulp – Is found in the center of the tooth and contains the blood vessels, nerves and other soft tissues that deliver nutrients to your teeth. 

What Do Your Teeth Do?

Each type of tooth in your mouth has a different shape and performs a different job, these include: 

  • Incisors – The eight teeth in the front and center of your mouth, four on top and four on the bottom. Incisors are used to take bites of your food.

  • CaninesThese are the sharpest four teeth in your mouth and are used for ripping and tearing food apart.

  • Premolars – These teeth are used for chewing and grinding food. You have four premolars (or bicuspids) on each side of your mouth, two on the upper and two on the lower jaw.

  • Molars – The primary molars are also used for chewing and grinding food. Unlike other teeth, your permanent molars do not replace, rather they come in behind the primary teeth.Third molarsMore commonly known as wisdom teeth.

  • Third Molars These are the last teeth to develop and do not typically erupt until age 18 to 20, and some people never get their wisdom teeth. For many, these molars cause crowding and need to be removed.

In addition to regular brushing and flossing, it is important to visit your dentist for twice annual hygiene visits and check-ups. With two beautiful offices in Brookline and Pembroke, MA, Smileboston Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry offers a full array of services ranging from general and laser dentistry to cosmetic procedures and full smile makeovers! Visit our web site for more information or contact us to schedule your visit.