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Can Regular Exercise Prevent Stroke? Medicare Facility Weighs in March 9, 2017

Forest Hills, Queens
Can Regular Exercise Prevent Stroke? Medicare Facility Weighs in, Queens, New York

The awareness campaign about the role regular exercise plays in stroke prevention has gained considerable momentum in recent years. But can participating in routine physical activities actually prevent the onset of a stroke? That’s something the experienced Medicare providers at Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center can answer for you. Providing a comprehensive range of health care solutions to the residents of Forest Hills, NY, they share some insights into exercise’s role in preventing strokes.

Medicare Facility Discusses the Role of Exercise in Stroke Prevention

Maintaining an active lifestyle has always been among the top recommendations for protecting your health against diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. In the case of stroke prevention, immunology experts look into several studies to ensure there’s no exaggeration in the role exercise plays. Their cautionary approach is based on the wide-ranging results several studies have shown over the years.

MedicareFor instance, a 2008 study showed regular exercise can reduce the severity of a stroke considerably, and a 2013 Australian study concluded that lower levels of physical activity do put individuals at greater risk for stroke. Related research shows that following a fitness regimen benefits men and women alike in terms of lowering their stroke risk.

What Exercises Immunology Experts Recommend for Stroke Prevention

Forest Hills’ diabetes prevention specialists advise their clients to include heart-healthy exercises in their daily routines. Aerobic workouts like walking, swimming, and cycling are not only easy to manage, but they also promote a stronger heart. Their ability to engage your cardiac and respiratory systems simultaneously boosts blood production and circulation throughout the body.

Consult with your Medicare physicians about the optimum duration you should participate in aerobic activities on a daily basis. They can also counsel you about any dietary or lifestyle changes to keep you protected from strokes for a long time to come.

The Medicare pros at Medex Diagnostic and Treatment Center go out of their way to ensure long-term health maintenance for all their patients. To learn more about their extensive range of health care solutions, call (718) 275-8900 or take an online tour today. You can also keep a tab on the latest studies and updates they share on the clinic’s Facebook and Twitter pages.