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What Makes a French Crepe? Enjoy This Traditional Treat at Bar Suzette Creperie December 3, 2013

Chelsea, Manhattan
What Makes a French Crepe? Enjoy This Traditional Treat at Bar Suzette Creperie, Manhattan, New York

In America, the go-to topping of choice for rich breakfast pancakes is, of course, syrup! However, sometimes sweet maple syrup disguises the delicate savory flavors of wheat batter and makes the dish somewhat soggy.

Bar Suzette, one of New York City’s most popular creperies, diners will experience crepes that have been prepared in the traditional French fashion. A perfectly authentic crepe is thin with slightly crispy edges, melting on the tongue which each mouthwatering bite.

To maintain the integrity of the thin pancake, the traditional crêpes sucrées(sweet crepe) is finished off with light, sweet toppings that complement rather than overpower the flavor of the crepe. The most popular topping combination in France is lemon, butter, and sugar, all of which coat a crepe beautifully. Cinnamon, butter, and sugar is a similarly fragrant yet a sparse topping to flavor a crepe.

Some diners prefer their dessert with thicker toppings for a slightly more indulging treat. Nuetella spreads, honey and almonds, and sweet fruits like bananas or strawberry are delightful additions to any crepe.

The French often roll and envelop their crepes to allow the flavors of the toppings to coalesce, a method that Bar Suzette incorporates into its own sweet dishes. Less is certainly more in the world of French cuisine, and diners who want a taste of traditional preparation should feast upon sweet and zesty crepes at the famous crepe bar in NYC. View the full menu of enticing crêpes sucrées by visiting Bar Suzette online today.