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What’s the Secret to a Perfect Pizza? March 2, 2017

Glenbrook, Stamford
What’s the Secret to a Perfect Pizza? , Stamford, Connecticut

Finding the perfect pizza is not an easy task. Frozen pizzas have an unfortunate tendency of tasting like cheesy cardboard, while those from big delivery chains sometimes taste simply uninspiring—perhaps too sweet, or too plain. Meanwhile, a fresh slice of gourmet pizza from Hope Pizza Restaurant in Stamford, CT, tastes resoundingly incredible. Today, these culinary experts will explain just what makes the perfect pizza.

3 Components of a Perfect Pizza

1. Quality Ingredients

pizzaFrom a crust made with 100% virgin olive-oil to a rich, hearty sauce made from real tomatoes, quality ingredients are the backbone of a mouthwatering pizza. Picture fresh mozzarella, soft, flavorful pepperoni, and basil straight off the plant. When a pizza is made with real, quality ingredients, you taste the difference. Instead of preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, and buckets of salt to compensate for the lack of flavor, you’ll experience natural deliciousness.

2. Delectable Combinations

Pizza making is an art and a science. For the most satiable taste possible, you need the right amount of sauce, cheese, and toppings. Of course, this requires plenty of experimentation. You also need to combine flavors in an interesting and satisfying way without overdoing it. This is where the artistry comes in. From a classic margherita to Mediterranean veggie, it takes a skilled chef to craft something worth coming back for seconds.  

3. Made Fresh by Experts

As noted before, fresh, quality ingredients are crucial to the perfect pizza. Once you have fresh ingredients, the pizza needs to be made fresh by professionals. A fresh-made pizza means rolling out homemade, newly rolled, never frozen dough. An experienced pizza chef will then toss it into the air until it attains the perfect shape and texture. Then, the chef will add all the right toppings and bake until it’s crispy enough. At Hope Pizza Restaurant, the chefs serve up Greek-style pan-baked pizza, because they find this method creates the most delicious, golden brown crust.

For perfectly-made pies in Stamford, visit the area’s favorite pizza restaurant. Head to Hope Pizza Restaurant today or check out the restaurant’s website to learn more. You can also call a friendly staff member at (203) 325-0660. 

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