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Top 3 Things to Pack for a Teen Tour: A Guide for Teen Summer Trips March 2, 2017

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Top 3 Things to Pack for a Teen Tour: A Guide for Teen Summer Trips , White Plains, New York

Looking to satisfy your teen’s need for freedom and adventure while enriching their lives? Signing them up for a teen tour or any one of Zeal Adventure and Travel’s teen summer trips is just the experience you’ve been looking for. Based out of White Plains, NY, they offer unique summer teen travel camps that take your kid to great heights and build a sense of personal autonomy and self-reliance. 

From proper identification to suitable attire, packing for student travel programs requires a bit of forethought. Read on to learn the top three things you need to make sure you pack.

Top 3 Things You Need to Take With You on a Teen Tour teen tours

1. Proper Identification

Start packing by collecting all the necessary pieces of identification and documentation. Depending on where your teen is headed, you’ll need to send them with a passport, student ID, driver’s license, travel insurance information, and transportation tickets.

2. Suitable Clothing for the Adventure

Whether you’re heading off to surf the waves of Hawaii or are gearing up to scale the Alaskan mountains, be sure to pack proper attire. For hiking, you’ll want to pack layers because the temperatures will increase and decrease as you scale and descend. For surfing, you’ll want the appropriate rash guards and boards. If you’re unsure what to pack you can call your summer program’s advisor and ask for guidance.

3. All the Extras

Once you’ve covered the basics, consider the extras that people often overlook. These include sunglasses, insect repellent, long underwear, flashlights, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications. If you are scaling mountains, speak with your doctor to ensure your medications can be taken at any altitude.

Zeal Adventure and Travel offers world class teen tours. Parents looking for teen travel camps can call 844-282-9325 or visit the Zeal Travel and Adventure website to learn more. Also, be sure to follow Zeal Travel and Adventure on Facebook for up to date information on upcoming adventures.