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Experienced Movers Explain How to Avoid the Top 4 Moving Mistakes March 2, 2017

Sparta, Monroe
Experienced Movers Explain How to Avoid the Top 4 Moving Mistakes , Sparta, Wisconsin

Moving is stressful, and everyone is susceptible to oversights. From being completely unprepared to opting for do-it-yourself solutions to problems that require an expert, the movers of Chaz Moving in Sparta, WI, have seen every mistake families make in their 25 years of experience. The team has a list of the most commonly seen moving mistakes and explains how to avoid these missteps.

Top 4 Moving Mistakes Professional Movers See 

Not Getting an Estimate Ahead of Time

moversToo many families forget to get an estimate before booking a moving company, simply handing over their credit card without knowing how much they’re paying. Avoid a costly awakening and potential hidden fees at the end of the move by asking for an estimate of all charges ahead of time.

Not Ensuring Your Movers Are Insured

Before entrusting your valuables to a packing service, find out the specifics of their insurance. Most moving companies offer insurance, but the packages vary. Depending on the worth of your valuables, they might not cover the total cost of damages. Get the specifics and then check with your homeowners insurance provider to see what, if anything, they cover when it comes to moving damages.

Skipping the Housecleaning

Many homeowners forget they are responsible for cleaning their homes before the packing company arrives. Often, people end up paying to have useless items packed and shipped. They are then forced to unpack boxes of stuff they could have easily thrown out ahead of time. Save yourself the trouble and expense by setting aside some time to clean and sort through what you need before the movers arrive.

Attempting to Do It Yourself

DIY jobs have a time and a place. Moving day is not the best time nor place. Trying to save a few dollars by doing it all yourself may lead to undue stress, worry, and damaged property. Pay the extra money for professionals to pack, ship, and unload your valuables. 

Skip the stress during your move and work with the team at Chaz Moving. Call (608) 269-6683 for more information or to request an estimate. Visit their website for an overview of the company’s services. 

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