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Playsets Specialists Share 3 Ways After-School Outdoor Play Boosts Kids’ Brain Development March 1, 2017

Tara, 11
Playsets Specialists Share 3 Ways After-School Outdoor Play Boosts Kids’ Brain Development, 11, Louisiana

Letting your kids play outdoors for a few hours after school has plenty of benefits. Not only do they get to burn off extra energy, they also boost brain power in the process. When people in Baton Rouge, LA, and the surrounding area want to encourage their children to spend time outside, they call Backyard Adventures of Louisiana. For more than a decade, the company has been providing families with safe, high-quality playsets and swing set accessories.

Below, Louisiana’s leading playsets company shares three ways outdoor after-school activities benefit kids’ brain development:

  • Excel in the Classroom: Participating in extracurricular sports, like soccer or baseball, can make your kids better students. On the field, they learn discipline, concentration, and critical thinking. Applying these skills to their studies will help them excel in the classroom.
  • PlaysetsCrave Knowledge: Playing outdoors will actually help your child develop a love of knowledge. Participating in a team sport is like being in a classroom—during practice, the coach is the teacher. They provide kids with the tools to succeed in the game. Learning in this fun environment will help your kids become more relaxed and eager to learn in school.
  • Learn Time Management: Your kids will practice succeeding at their outdoor activities. Once they’ve mastered certain skills, they’ll focus energy on specific areas that need improvement, determining how best to spend their time. Learning good time management now will help them succeed later in life.   

If you want your kids to play outdoors, the team at Backyard Adventures of Louisiana is standing by to help. From wooden swing sets to trampolines, the company has an extensive inventory of fun, safe playsets to boost your children’s mental and physical development.

To learn more about playsets available in Baton Rouge, call (225) 292-5455 to speak with a friendly team member. You can also visit Backyard Adventures of Louisiana online to browse the inventory. Don’t forget to like them on Facebook for updated news and announcements.   

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