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Looking for a top notch frozen yogurt shop in Midtown East? PINKBERRY is located on 2nd Ave in Midtown and has froyo, cookies, cones, greek yogurt and more. Everything you need in a frozen, healthy dessert.

What Are the Best Frozen Yogurt Flavors Around the World? February 21, 2017

Midtown East, Manhattan
What Are the Best Frozen Yogurt Flavors Around the World?, Manhattan, New York

When it comes to frozen yogurt, every country has a unique menu. Some, for example, prefer the classics while others champion innovation. To shed some light on these differences, your local Pinkberry will discuss a few country’s best frozen yogurt flavors.  

Frozen Yogurt: A Dessert Without Borders

No matter where you are in the world, frozen yogurtyou’re sure to find a frozen yogurt shop that offers strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and other basic flavors. Beyond those staples, however, every country is a little different. In Australia, for example, the most popular froyo blends contain macadamia nuts. Many South American countries utilize tropical fruits while Canada’s frozen yogurt shops often serve twists on their signature maple syrup. In general, countries use their own ingenuity and the available resources to create fresh and tasty flavors.

In fact, Pinkberry does the same. So if you visit their frozen yogurt shops abroad, you’re bound to see slight variations from your local menu. However, each store still tries to break the froyo rules but offering both internationally-inspired items and classic creations.

Embrace the Global Flavor at Your Local Pinkberry!

With their unique sense of creation and their appreciation of international flavors, Pinkberry is known for having some of the best frozen yogurt there is. Try it for yourself at your nearest location! For a complete list of flavors, visit their website

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