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Cheap Car Insurance Experts Explain How to Get Your License Reinstated in Ohio February 28, 2017

Fairfield, Butler
Cheap Car Insurance Experts Explain How to Get Your License Reinstated in Ohio, Fairfield, Ohio

Having your license suspended can be incredibly inconvenient, and the process for having it reinstated can be confusing. 1st Choice Insurance, specializing in providing cheap car insurance to high-risk drivers throughout the Fairfield, OH, area, knows how difficult the process can be, so they're here to offer a few tips for getting your driving privileges back.

While the specific terms of having your driver's license reinstated will vary depending on your offense, you'll need to:

  • cheap car insuranceWait Out the Sentence: The length of your suspension could be anywhere from 90 days for your first DUI to up to five years. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until the appropriate amount of time has passed before getting your license back.
  • Satisfy the Court Requirements: If your sentence included any fines, community service, victim impact panels, or substance abuse treatment, those requirements will have to be completed first. Ideally, you should have these completed before the suspension period is over.
  • Complete Driving School: Drivers whose licenses were suspended for too many points may have to take a remedial driving course and retake the driving skills test before applying to have a license reinstated.
  • Acquire SR-22 Insurance: Depending on the reasons for your suspension, you may be acquired to carry an SR-22 insurance policy for up to five years after getting your license back. Fortunately, specialized agencies can get you cheap car insurance that fulfills all of the state requirements.
  • Pay Reinstatement Fees: The necessary fees can be repaid at your local BMV office, over the phone at 1-866-OPLATES (675-2837), or on the Ohio BMV website.

1st Choice Insurance offers a wide range of options to high-risk drivers who might have trouble getting cheap car insurance from traditional companies. Visit their website to learn more about how they can help, follow them on Facebook to learn more, or call (513) 860-0666 for insurance quotes today.

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