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How Often Should You Clean Your Pillows? Find Out the Facts March 8, 2017

Mason, Warren
How Often Should You Clean Your Pillows? Find Out the Facts, Mason, Ohio

We all want our bedding to remain fresh and comfortable, but how much cleaning does that require? From the mattress pad to comforters and pillows, proper cleaning provides safety from dust mites and skin debris. The premier online store for those seeking high-quality bedding, DOWNLITE provides nationwide clients with the industry’s latest trends, offering down bedding suitable for every style. If you’re wondering how often you should clean your pillows, these experts are here to provide helpful advice. 

Pillow Cleaning 101

With any kind of bedding, you should be concerned with the debris that builds up from nightly use. Dirt and dead skin cells naturally accumulate on your pillows and comforters, and sleeping on this debris night after night isn’t good for your skin. Your outer cover, sheets, and comforter should be cleaned on a monthly basis, with the pillow itself receiving a solid washing every few months.


More than just natural dirt and oil build up on your pillows. Without a regular cleaning routine, allergens can easily form, transforming your peaceful night’s sleep into a sneeze-filled hassle. Dust mites are the most common unwanted guest, burrowing deep into fabric and accumulating quickly over time. 

What’s the best way to protect yourself from dust and allergens? Whether you want to avoid natural dirt and oils or don’t feel like dealing with unexpected sneezing, zippered covers are the most effective choice to keep your pillows clean, especially since they can easily handle a run through the washer and are affordable to replace. As for pillows themselves, replace them every few years to avoid lasting buildup. In the meantime, a regular washing routine will keep them clean, resulting in a higher quality of sleep.

When you require pillows, comforters, or other high-quality down bedding, turn to the pros at DOWNLITE. Visit them online to view their product line, or check out their other website for more helpful info on bedding care. To speak with a knowledgeable staff member, call (866) 931-3696 today.