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How Climate-Controlled Storage Units Protect Your Valuables February 24, 2017

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How Climate-Controlled Storage Units Protect Your Valuables, Bad Rock-Columbia Heights, Montana

When storing your furniture, heirlooms, and other household items, you need to do more than pack and place them in a secure storage space—you also need to ensure they’re at the right temperature year-round. That’s why Windmill Storage and Business Park recommends climate-controlled storage units for clients with temperature-sensitive items. In addition to commercial office space, they offer storage space for furniture, RVs, and boats near Kalispell, Whitefish, and Columbia Falls, MT. 

Here are three types of items a climate-controlled storage unit will help protect:

  • climate-controlled storageMusical Instruments: Need to store an antique guitar, a grand piano, or a gleaming tuba? The extreme temperatures of summer and winter can warp stringed instruments and change the pitch of brass ones. A climate-controlled storage unit is vital for protecting your most prized musical instruments from damage.
  • Fine Art: Ceramics, oil paintings, and other fine artworks are vulnerable to seasonal weather changes. That’s why it’s important to keep a steady temperature and humidity level in the spaces where art is stored. Climate-controlled storage will keep these delicate pieces in the optimal environment and minimize the risk of deterioration. 
  • Heirloom Furniture: Furniture passed down from generation to generation is irreplaceable. If you need long-term storage for antique furniture, look for a storage space that will keep it at a temperate level. Climate-controlled storage units help prevent mold and moisture that could otherwise harm your priceless furniture. 

If you need climate-controlled storage in Columbia Falls, look no further than Windmill Storage and Business Park. To rent a storage space or commercial office space, call (513) 451-6474. You can also learn more online

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