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3 Ways Children's Counseling Can Help Your Child January 15, 2018

Mendenhall Valley, Juneau
3 Ways Children's Counseling Can Help Your Child, Juneau, Alaska

There is a divorce approximately every 36 seconds in America, and many of those broken families have children who experience hardship dealing with change. In other homes, one in five girls and one in 20 boys are a victim of sexual abuse. With so many factors affecting their emotional and psychological growth, kids can undergo children’s counseling to help them overcome emotional obstacles.

As a licensed counselor serving the Juneau, AK, community, Sondra Sexton-Jones, MS, CT, specializes in helping families and children through difficult times. She offers children’s counseling to treat a variety of trauma.


Each year, thousands of children in America experience stress caused by divorce, and how well they cope often depends on their age, circumstances, and personality. Counseling can help your child minimize the stress a divorce creates so that it doesn’t adversely affect their future relationships with others.


Did you know one in five children will endure the death of a loved one before they turn 18, and one out of 20 children younger than 15 will experience the death of one or both parents. Whether your child has lost a sibling, friend, or beloved pet, counseling can help them deal with the many stages of grief so that a fear of death doesn’t cripple their psyche.


As children grow, the ability to form and sustain relationships is imperative to helping them function in society and hold jobs. Some children suffer from developmental delays or trauma that impair their bonds and attachments to others. A trained counselor or therapist can help them develop the relationship skills they will need to thrive as they get older.

If you feel your child can benefit from children’s counseling, call Sondra Sexton-Jones at (907) 586-3313 or visit her website to learn more about her background, experience, and services.

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