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The Surprising Origin & History of Wigs February 27, 2017

Canarsie, Brooklyn
The Surprising Origin & History of Wigs, Brooklyn, New York

These days, it seems like stylish wigs are everywhere—celebrities wear them to change up their style, theater performers wear them onstage, and anyone can wear one to create the appearance of longer, fuller hair. When choosing a wig for everyday wear, human hair looks a lot more natural than synthetic. At All Authentic Girl in Canarsie, Brooklyn NY, wigs and extensions are made with pure 100% natural human hair and come in a wide variety of lengths, textures, and styles. 

It may seem like wigs have never been more popular than they are now, but they have a lengthy history that spans cultures and continents.

A History of Wigs Around the World

Ancient Egypt

wigs Brooklyn NYAncient Egyptians used wigs to protect their heads from the sun. They would shave their heads for hygienic reasons and then wear a wig on top. As shaved was more comfortable in hot weather, but it also prevented lice, which was a common problem. The wig's styling and level of decoration indicated a person’s social status. Braids, beads, and gold pieces showed the wearer was a person of high standing.

Ancient Rome

In Ancient Rome, wigs were made from slaves’ hair. Women of high social stature would wear these hair pieces to add volume to their natural hairstyles.

China & Japan

In China and Japan, wigs were not worn by everyday people, as shaving the head was not a common practice. Instead, wigs were reserved for the Noh and Kabuki theatrical stages, and other entertainers such as geishas.


In France, King Louis XIII lost his hair at an early age, and wore elaborate wigs instead, launching a trend among male and female members of the aristocracy. As the popularity of wigs spread across Europe during the reign of King Louis XIV, they became more and more elaborate. Tall, white powdered wigs with curls were in vogue, and women would decorate theirs with different ornaments.

As noted, wigs have had a long tradition throughout world history for making bold fashion statements for the masses and served as a major indicator of high social status.  Today, wigs, hair weaves, and hair extensions are used to create fashion-forward styles that serves as an alternative popular protective style choice for those with natural unprocessed hair.   As more and more women choose to go natural and forgo processing their natural hair, wig and weaves are utilized often to change up and refresh their everyday look. 

To learn more and see a large selection of human hair custom wigs, realistic human hair factory wigs, top grade human hair extensions (various bundles & types of closures), or to get the best hair care / maintenance products contact  “All Authentic Girl” at (718) 272-1120.  Visit the Canarsie Brooklyn Hair Boutique, or see their online website... instagram page… Facebook page.

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