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Priest Vestments Explained February 16, 2017

Massena, St. Lawrence
Priest Vestments Explained, Massena, New York

Like any profession, priesthood relies both upon personal experience and presentation. That’s why it’s important that each and every priest is outfitted in attire that is appropriate for his church and its associated events. Haftina Liturgical Vestments is a business based in Massena, NY, that crafts and distributes Roman Catholic Church supplies like priest vestments and clergy apparel. With a variety of colors and designs available in stock, they offer liturgical robes for every church and form of worship.

There are a few key components of priest vestments that every father must wear to perform his religious duties. Consider the following priest vestments that are must haves for every clergyman during Mass:

  • Surplice: While a surplice can be worn by a variety of members of a congregation, priests frequently wear them over a cassock, exposing their collars. For the most part, surplices are white in design and relatively baggy in size to account for the clothing worn underneath.
  • priest vestmentCassock: Arguably the most identifiable part of a priest’s wardrobe, a cassock is the typically black garment worn underneath a surplice. They are close fitting and reach the length of a priest’s ankles. Another common feature of the cassock is a gap underneath the priest’s chin where their white collar can be fastened.
  • Stole: A stole is a length of cloth designed to be worn around the neck of a priest and draped across his shoulders. Frequently, this cloth bears a symbol of a clergyman’s ordination as well as a color that signifies his rank within the church. However, the color of a stole is often also associated with the liturgical season of the service that the priest is leading.
  • Chasuble: A chasuble is a sleeveless garment, much like a poncho, designed with a single hole for the priest’s head to enter. It often reaches to a priest’s ankles. However, it does not meet the end of a priest’s wrists so that the clergyman can move his hands freely. Like much of a priest’s outerwear, it bears symbols related to his congregation.

Whether you’re a churchgoer or an aspiring priest, stay informed about priest vestments. Haftina Liturgical Vestments offers a wide selection of detailed clergy apparel and liturgical vestments to satisfy every clothing need within the church. Call them at (855) 423-8462, and visit their website to learn more about their products.

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