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Planning a Winter Move? 5 Tips From Branson’s Expert Movers February 23, 2017

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Planning a Winter Move? 5 Tips From Branson’s Expert Movers, Branson, Missouri

With numerous tasks to check off your to-do list, moving can get stressful at times. Moving in the winter adds another layer of planning. The good news is you can anticipate any extra problems that a winter move might bring with a little preparation.

The movers at Affordable Moving Services in Branson, MO, have a few tips that will keep your move running smoothly and get you into your new home safe and sound:

  • moversClear the Path: Keep all access points to and from the house clear of snow, slush, and ice. Creating a clear space for anyone moving items reduces the risk of falls and dropping or damaging your valuables. Also, make sure there is ample space to park and load the truck. Large piles of snow can build up in parking lots and streets, limiting the amount of room a moving truck has to maneuver and park.
  • Hire a Moving Company: Sometimes it’s best to hire the professionals. Moving companies have the experience and the equipment needed to ensure a safe move. They are accustomed to transporting goods of all sizes in all types of weather. They also have insurance to protect valuables if items get damaged or something goes wrong.
  • Turn the Lights On: Winter days are short, dark, and cold. When planning a move this time of year, contact the utility companies at the home you are moving into so the electricity and heat are turned on when you arrive.
  • Make a Backup Plan: Sleet, snow, and driving winds are par for the course when it comes to winter weather. Speak to your movers ahead of the moving date to see what, if any, contingency plans are in place for bad weather. Also, get in touch with realtors, rental agencies, or landlords to see if any alternative plans can be put into place if the weather prevents your move.
  • Don’t Pack Your Shovel: You don’t want to hunt through piles of unpacked boxes for the items you need right away. Keep your snow shovels, driveway salt, or winter gear separate from the rest of your items so you have easy access if you need them on the day of the move or soon after.

While you can’t control the winter weather, you can prepare for whatever it may bring. If you are planning a move this winter and looking for safe, professional movers, call Affordable Moving Services at (417) 337-5200 today. For more information on all their services, including storage and long-distance moving, or to request a quote, visit them online.

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