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3 Reasons Why Living in Smoke-Free Apartments is Beneficial to Your Health February 24, 2017

Littleton, Arapahoe
3 Reasons Why Living in Smoke-Free Apartments is Beneficial to Your Health , Littleton, Colorado

Seeking out smoke-free apartments when looking for a place to live is one of the most important things you can do to keep you and your family healthy. Even if no one in your household smokes, your well-being can be compromised by exposure to secondhand smoke drifting between apartments. This is why Ida Park Plaza Apartments is proud to offer Littleton, CO, residents a smoke-free, clean environment to live in. They understand how beneficial it is for the health of their tenants to inhabit a home with unpolluted air.

3 Health Benefits of Smoke-Free Apartments

1. Decreases the Risk of Developing Lung Cancer & Heart Disease

Breathing in smoke has been directly related to the development of lung cancer and heart disease, even if it’s secondhand smoke. Keeping yourself from being exposed will decrease your risk of disease.

2. Reduces the Threat of Sickness in Children

smoke-free apartmentsSmoke-free apartments play a vital role in reducing the presence of certain health conditions in your children. They will be less likely to grow up with asthma and frequent cases of bronchitis, ear infections, and pneumonia.

3. Eliminates Breathing Difficulties

Smoke causes irritation to the airways, which can trigger asthma attacks and other respiratory symptoms, as well as simply make it hard to breathe. A smoke-free environment helps eliminate these breathing difficulties so everyone can live comfortably.

Living close to smokers can negatively impact your health and comfort. Make your health a priority and choose to live in smoke-free apartments. Contact Ida Park Plaza Apartments at (720) 331-6662 for more information — the staff speaks English and Spanish to accommodate as many tenants as possible. Visit their website to view a photo gallery of the apartment complex. 

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