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3 Wireless Phone Trends for 2017 February 16, 2017

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3 Wireless Phone Trends for 2017, Lavonia, Georgia

Smartphone technology is constantly changing, and the pace only heats up as companies fight to stay ahead of trends set by the competition. Maintaining a tight grip on these trends as a consumer may seem overwhelming at times, but teaming up with a top-notch phone service like Chester, SC's TruVista will get you where you need to be. From the Internet to cell phones, this company has built a strong reputation over the years throughout South Carolina and Georgia. You can always count on them for access to the latest wireless phone technology. 

With that in mind, how is the phone service forecast looking for 2017?

2017’s Top 3 Wireless Phone Trends

1. Wireless Audio

Apple already did away with the headphone jack, so it should be no surprise to see other phone manufacturers following suit. Phones such as the iPhone 7 and Moto Z made the switch to completely digital, wireless audio, and this is a trend that won't be cooling down anytime soon. 

2. The Growth of Digital Assistants

phone serviceConsidering how quickly technology advances, digital assistants are becoming more prevalent across all devices. This year will see some improvements in this regard, thanks in no small part to Google and Pixel's impressive Google Assistant, which was introduced near the end of last year. 

3. Fewer Buttons, More Cameras

Smartphones are already pretty free of tactile buttons, but even mainstays like Apple's home button may be going away in favor of smaller phones with bigger screens. While companies cut down on buttons, the introduction of dual camera setups is on the rise, so expect this functionality to expand further in 2017. 

The main takeaway from this is that the burgeoning advancements of 2016 have made way for a new wave of trends in 2017, continuing a cycle that makes so many options available to phone services and their customers. For residents in South Carolina and Georgia, the go-to telephone company is TruVista, so visit them online for more information on their wireless plans or call them at (803) 385-2191.

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