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Choosing a Casket for Your Loved One February 24, 2017

Cincinnati, Hamilton
Choosing a Casket for Your Loved One, Cincinnati, Ohio

One of the most difficult parts of funeral planning is choosing a casket for your loved one’s final resting place. For many, the casket is an inescapable acknowledgment of death, and brings up feelings of loss and grief. But it can also be a beautiful tribute to their life and personality. The wide range of caskets available offers many opportunities to honor your loved one in a way they would appreciate. Meyer & Geiser Funeral Home in Cincinnati, OH, has the following recommendations for choosing a casket.

The type of casket you choose will depend heavily upon its purpose. Is the casket to be buried or cremated? In the former case, there are many sturdy options made of wood, metal, or a combination—or, alternatively, naturally biodegradable caskets are available as well. If the casket is meant for cremation, on the other hand, wood is the preferred choice, and you may also need to select an urn.

casketThe design of the casket is an important consideration, and should reflect your loved one in life. Possibilities range from elegantly embellished to traditional and understated, and are available in a wide variety of colors. It’s a good idea to choose something that you believe your loved one would have enjoyed, particularly if there is to be a viewing; it may help to remind friends and relatives of the deceased.

During this difficult time, the compassionate professionals at Meyer & Geiser Funeral Home can advise you in your choice. Call them at (513) 921-4144 to begin planning, or read more suggestions on their website.

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