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6 Money-Saving Benefits of Wheel Alignment & Tire Rotation March 1, 2017

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6 Money-Saving Benefits of Wheel Alignment & Tire Rotation, High Point, North Carolina

From potholes to stop and go traffic, tires deal with rough road conditions, which makes it critical to keep them in top shape to avoid driving mishaps and costly repairs. For more than 30 years, P & T Automotive Repair in High Point, NC, has been the area’s go-to shop for professional and affordable wheel alignment and tire rotation services.

Properly aligned and rotated tires are vital for smooth driving. The team of ASE-certified auto repair technicians offers the following reasons why it pays to have these important maintenance services performed on a regular basis:

  • Improved Handling: When your tires are aligned correctly, they have the right amount of inflation, which improves vehicle handling on the road.
  • Reduced Steering Wear: Wheel alignment also helps cut down on the steering column’s wear. Essentially, the column connects the steering wheel to the mechanism needed to move the vehicle.
  • Better Fuel Economy: Count on spending less money at the gas pump after a professional wheel alignment service. The procedure provides even distribution of the car or truck’s weight, which helps increase fuel economy.wheel alignment
  • Less Uneven Tire Wear: When tires are rotated, typically from front to back, it helps reduce tire tread wear. This extends the life of your vehicle’s tires.
  • Reduced Right Tire Stress: Because drivers use the right side of the road more, right turns tend to be sharper and more frequent. The steering puts more stress on right tires. Rotating them can help ease some of the stress.
  • Less Front Tire Stress: City traffic and other intermittent driving conditions also puts stress on the vehicle’s braking system and subsequently, the front tires. As with the right tires, a tire rotation service provides some relief to the front tires.

You depend on your car or truck to get you to work, school, and around town. P & T Automotive Repair is committed to providing expert wheel alignment and tire rotation services to keep you and your vehicle safe and sound. Whether you have a foreign or domestic car, you can rely on the licensed auto repair technicians to perform quality service on all makes and models.

Don’t take chances with driving on unsteady tires. To schedule your wheel alignment and tire rotation, call P & T Automotive Repair today at (336) 869-8051 for a free estimate. Visit the website to learn more about other services to keep your vehicle in perfect driving condition. 

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