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Connecticut’s Transmission Repair Pros Offer 3 Key Maintenance Tips February 24, 2017

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Connecticut’s Transmission Repair Pros Offer 3 Key Maintenance Tips, East Haven, Connecticut

Part of taking excellent care of your vehicle means keeping an eye on your transmission. With some guidance from a top transmission repair company, you should be able to put an excellent maintenance plan in place. Based in New Haven, CT, Affordable Transmissions has emerged as the region’s most respected transmission shop. Whenever you need transmission repair, the pros will make sure your car is returned to its optimal performance. 

Here are three tips that the professionals recommend to make sure your transmission stays in excellent shape for years to come: 

  • Check on Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid eventually breaks down and loses effectiveness. It’s important to not let the expired fluid linger too long as the lack of lubrication will create friction—causing costly damage to your transmission. 
  • Transmission RepairBe Smart About Your Brakes: Constantly riding your brake is a sure way to decrease the lifespan of your transmission. To safeguard this crucial mechanism of your car, try to be more aware of local roads so you know in advance when you have to slow down. Whenever possible, avoid abruptly slamming on your brakes. 
  • Schedule Regular Inspections: Some signs of trouble with your transmission will only be detectable by a trained mechanic. Having a top team like Affordable Transmissions conduct an occasional inspection will allow them to spot early problems and make the tweaks necessary to avoid damage. 

If you’re already sure you need a transmission repair, don’t hesitate to reach out to Affordable Transmissions. You can get in touch with the friendly staff by calling (203) 466-6580. Learn more about the company by visiting their website.

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