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When’s the Right Time to Have Your Wedding Dress Altered? February 17, 2017

New York, New York
When’s the Right Time to Have Your Wedding Dress Altered?, New York, New York

You’re planning for your wedding day and know there's a lot of logistics to consider. For starters, you need to purchase your wedding gown at least nine months in advance. But did you know that you’ll also need to have your dress altered? Most wedding dresses won’t fit perfectly right off the rack, so you’ll need to take your gown to be custom tailored. Never fear if you weren’t anticipating this time delay, just visit Wo’s Custom Tailoring in New York, New York. They’ll make customizing your wedding dress a breeze. But before your dress can fit like a glove, read on to find out just how long experts recommend you allow yourself to have your dress tailored.

Three Months Before the Wedding

You don’t want to take your gown in too far in advance because you could gain or lose weight before the wedding. Unless you plan to re-design your ancestor’s wedding gown to be yours which Wo’s Custom Tailoring can help you with also. Three months is the alteration sweet spot. Some tailor shops charge a flat fee for tailoring while others charge depending on the intricacy of the gown and how much work it will be. Something important to keep in mind is that you want to bring your shoes, and similar undergarments you plan on wearing on your wedding day. This will help you get a better feel for how the dress will sit on your body, and if you’re wearing heels, it’s important to have the hem adjusted correctly.

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Two Months Before the Wedding

Once the dress has been initially altered, you’ll return to the tailor shop to check in with the tailors. This time around, you can focus more on making small tweaks to the dress, whereas the first fitting was about getting the item to fit your body correctly. Make sure the dress is fitting your body well while still being comfortable – you need to be able to move around, dance, and sit comfortably in your dress, so you don’t want it to be too tight.

Two Weeks Before the Wedding

One to two weeks before the wedding, you’ll go for one final fitting to ensure everything is set for your big day. This time around, your wedding dress should look how it will on your big day. Don’t feel shy about asking a relative or friend to accompany you; you’ll want someone along to offer any last minute advice or to share in your special moment.

You’ve spent a long time planning and dreaming of your wedding day, and it should be perfect. Wo’s Custom Tailoring is an expert in handling delicate materials, working on beading embellishments, and ensuring your dress fits like a dream. For more information about their services and experience, visit their website or call (212) 988-9889.

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