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Call Becker Movers For Your Next Commercial & Residential Move October 16, 2014

Maplewood, Rochester
Call Becker Movers For Your Next Commercial & Residential Move, Rochester, New York

Moving is never fun but when you have to do it, you should work with a moving company who strives to make the process easy. This is where the pros at Becker Movers come in. These moving experts handle residential and commercial moves, and will move you locally, internationally, into storage, and everywhere in between!

These movers are licensed, insured, and regulated by the department of transportation. This means they will unload or pack up any major residential spaces and commercial complexes. They will also provide free estimates for price comparison, ensuring you get the lowest price for any service.

For residential moving, the staff at Becker Movers take all the stress and headaches out of the equation. They will pack up your entire house using their own packing supplies then deliver and unpack everything exactly where you want it. They have the special supplies and experienced methods for packing and moving fragile items, making it easy to relocate your belongings.

For commercial moving, Becker Movers works with you to put together a custom moving plan that makes sure your business is up and running even while you move. Prior to the move they provide pre-move surveys and planning sheets, while coordinating a packing and labeling system for your entire office. Employees are provided with packing materials with instructions, so that everything is packed in accordance with your customized moving plan.

Don’t stress over your next move. Trust the expert movers for an easy, organized, and seamless relocation. Call Becker Movers now at (585) 267-5736 for your free estimate. Work with these experts to create a custom moving plan, no matter how big or small your space may be. 

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