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Youth Travel Program Explains Why Community Service Matters February 23, 2017

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Youth Travel Program Explains Why Community Service Matters, White Plains, New York

Community service is an integral part of the high school experience. Not only do service hours satisfy requirements for many clubs and organizations, but universities will also be looking for proof that you’ve invested time and effort in valuable projects. While you may think that you can only volunteer for a project in your school or community, youth travel programs like the ones offered by Zeal Adventure & Travel in White Plains, NY, offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to help people and places in need all over the world.

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your summer and enhance your leadership skills, here are three ways a youth travel program can help you.

3 Benefits of Community Service

Satisfying Organization Requirements

When you’re a teenager, your school, sports team or club may ask you to fulfill a certain number of community service hours as a membership requirement. By completing these hours, you’ll get to list these activities on your college application, increasing your chances of being accepted. Most organizations are flexible in their requirements, so you can fulfill the hours in a local food bank, a wildlife refuge or even teen leadership program abroad.

Building Up Your Resume

youth travel program White Plains NYUniversities aren’t the only organizations looking to see that you’ve invested time in your communities. If you plan on applying for an internship or competitive job in the near future, then get a leg up on the other applicants by completing community service hours.

Giving Back to the World

Doing community service makes you feel great, but it isn’t solely for your benefit. When you take advantage of an opportunity to participate in a service-based event, you get to learn more about yourself and maybe even figure out what meaningful cause you’d like to dedicate your life to.

Zeal Adventure & Travel has a variety of youth travel programs available that focus on community service. Their summer programs for teens offer opportunities to work with animals, build homes and even restore native forests. By choosing the summer program that interests you most, you can better serve the world and plan for your future at the same time. To learn more about their youth travel programs, call (844) 282-9325 or visit them online today.