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Benefits of a Fleet Truck Maintenance Program February 24, 2017

Benefits of a Fleet Truck Maintenance Program, Henrietta, New York

When you’re in charge of a large fleet, staying on top of truck maintenance can be an added task that can cost you time and money. Fortunately, companies—such as DeCarolis Truck Rental in Rochester, NY—can make the process easier through a fleet maintenance program. Those who are used to taking care of trucks on their own, however, may wonder what pros and cons these programs may offer.

truck maintenanceInitially, having an off-site company take care of truck maintenance can seem like an inconvenience, especially if it is located far from where your trucks are. However, a full-service program may be more convenient than you expect. For instance, your fleet maintenance provider should be trusted to have all the parts and accessories required to get your trucks in shape. They will also keep detailed records of services provided, so you won’t have to worry about when every truck in your fleet needs to be brought in for upkeep.

In addition, outsourced providers are typically staffed with numerous certified mechanics who can often tune up your truck much faster than if you were to do it at your own center. Some may even offer emergency roadside assistance for the ultimate convenience.

While it may be a disadvantage to pay upfront for a truck maintenance program, most customers will find that there are incredible savings associated with these types of plans. The biggest savings comes from routine maintenance itself; this investment can help detect and fix problems early on, before they turn into expensive truck repairs. When it comes to long-term savings, professional truck services can save your company from the costs of stocking and staffing a comprehensive on-site maintenance facility.

Also, paying for professional fleet maintenance can seem like giving up a sense of control. If you care about the specifics of your trucks, it can be hard letting another team take over tuneups and repairs. That’s why it’s important for every company that uses a truck to work with a reputable truck maintenance provider that understands the specific elements of care required for your fleet.

If you’re looking to save on truck maintenance in Rochester, NY, DeCarolis Truck Rental has all the resources necessary to provide you with reliable care. Offering full-service and customized plans, you can rest assured that your fleet is getting the exact service it needs to stay strong on the road. To learn more about how this company can help you save, call (585) 254-1169, or visit their website.

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