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4 Fun Kids' Activities That Will Keep Your Little Ones Entertained on The Weekends! October 23, 2014

Potomac, Montgomery
4 Fun Kids' Activities That Will Keep Your Little Ones Entertained on The Weekends!, Potomac, Maryland

It has finally happened! You have officially run out of new and exciting activities to keep your kids going. It’s hard finding kids’ activities that are both fun for children and simple enough for you. Well, stress no further! My Gym Children's Fitness Center, based in Potomac, Maryland, is the kid center that has designed specialized activities to help children stay active and healthy. While you're encouraged to bring your little ones over to the gym, there are also plenty of fun kids' activities you can do on your own!

Here, My Gym shares four fun kids' activities that will keep your children entertained in their free time:

  • Get crafty: The colder weather provides the perfect opportunity to do fun DIY projects indoors. Make some holiday-themed ornaments to hang around the house. Get your hands dirty and bake some chocolate chip cookies or pizza.
  • Cheer on your sports team: You don’t have to splurge on season tickets or buy the best seats in the stadium. Go see your local minor-league baseball team in action or visit your old high school and watch a nostalgic game of football with your kids.
  • Collect leaves: It’s fall and the leaves are changing their colors. Throw on a sweater, put your boots on, and get outdoors with the kids. Find leaves of varying size and color, take them home, and draw them. Place a leaf under a piece of paper and draw on top with a crayon. Watch the leaf appear on the page and see your child’s reaction of delight.
  • Stay active: Exercising will help your kids keep warm by allowing the blood to flow through the body. Simply go for a walk, get out and build a fort in the backyard, do some gardening, go for a bike ride, or play frisbee.

Your kids can also stay active by participating in fitness camp or exercise classes at My Gym Children's Fitness Center. They offer kids' activities for children as young as six weeks old to 10 years old. Visit their website for more information on the class schedule, fitness camp, and how to host a birthday party at the gym for kids. If you have questions, feel free to give them a call at (301) 983-5300 today!