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Barbecue 101: St. Louis-Style Ribs vs. Baby Back Ribs April 15, 2017

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Barbecue 101: St. Louis-Style Ribs vs. Baby Back Ribs , La Crosse, Wisconsin

There’s nothing quite like getting your hands on some juicy ribs. Your mouth waters when the smell of sweet and savory barbecue sauce hits your nose, and you stick a napkin on your lap in anticipation for the feast that’s about to unfold. Depending on what part of the country you live in, you might not be aware that barbecue ribs are prepared in several different ways throughout the United States. While all ribs are delicious, the barbecue experts at Famous Dave’s of La Crosse, WI, will explain the difference between St. Louis style and baby back ribs. 

St. Louis Style

St. Louis style ribs are spareribs. These are typically flatter than baby back ribs, and the cut of meat comes from the animal’s belly. Because of the type of cut, St. Louis style ribs are usually easier to brown because of their rectangular shape and are also higher in fat content because they come from the stomach. At Famous Dave’s, you can expect the St. Louis style spareribs to be rubbed with a secret blend of spices and herbs, pit-smoked for up to four hours over a hickory fire, and loaded up with sauce while roasting over an open flame.   

BarbecueBaby Back

Baby back ribs are a more common cut of meat. As you probably guessed, baby back ribs come from the back of an animal—where the spine and rib meet. Ribs in this location are shorter in length than those farther down the spine, which is why they’ve garnered the name “baby back.” There are two options for baby back ribs at Famous Dave’s. You can opt for the original baby back ribs, which are rubbed with a Chicago-style blend of herbs and spices then tossed with barbecue sauce and a touch of honey, or a Memphis-style rub with a bit of vinegar to round out the flavor.

There are lots of barbecue restaurants, but perhaps none have perfected the art of making ribs quite like Famous Dave’s. Don’t wait a minute longer to sink your teeth into these amazing ribs. Visit their website to view their complete menu, or call (608) 779-4100 to phone in your order today.

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