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Root Canal vs. Extraction: Which Should You Choose? February 22, 2017

Kalispell, Flathead
Root Canal vs. Extraction: Which Should You Choose?, Kalispell, Montana

If you’re suffering from damaged teeth, there are two main procedures your dentist can use to relieve pain, promoting positive oral health for the future. Your options will generally be either a root canal or an extraction, which can be a difficult decision for any patient. For Kalispell, MT, residents, Greenery Park Dentistry is always available to meet your needs using their innovative, patient-centered approach to conquer everything from common cleanings to advanced procedures. If you’re wondering which of these two dental procedures is best for you, these area experts have some helpful advice. 

Root Canal vs. Extraction: Which Should You Choose? 

Root Canal

Root canals are a common procedure used to repair teeth that have become infected, usually as a result of damaged pulp. Since pulp lies deep within the tooth and provides blood flow, it’s a necessary fix. If pulp becomes infected, it results in swelling and pain that doesn’t seem to dissipate. 

The root canal procedure resolves these issues and is less painful than patients initially assume, especially since your dentist uses a powerful numbing agent. All it involves is creating an opening in the tooth and removing the infected pulp along with any excess bacteria, eliminating the chance of future infection.   


root canalIf a tooth is unsalvageable, your dentist will need to perform an extraction. If you’ve suffered a mouth injury, for example, your tooth might be too weak to recover. The procedure involves numbing, loosening, and then extracting the damaged tooth with forceps. The numbing means that you won’t feel much beyond a slight discomfort, so it’s a relatively painless process. 

Using ice is the easiest way to ease any pain after the procedure, generally bringing down swelling within a day so you can get back to your normal routine. The area itself takes two weeks to fully heal, however, so utilize caution.

A root canal is not for everyone, and neither is an extraction. If you’re suffering from tooth damage, knowing the ins and outs of both dental procedures will help you make the ideal decision. For more information, visit the patient-focused dentists at Greenery Park Dentistry online, or call (406) 755-6116 to schedule your appointment today!

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