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4 Easy Garage Reorganization Tips From NY's Garage Door Pros February 21, 2017

Rochester, Monroe
4 Easy Garage Reorganization Tips From NY's Garage Door Pros, Rochester, New York

Keeping a garage tidy can be a major undertaking. Before you know it, your tools, storage items, and sports equipment can start to take over, leaving your space cluttered and impossible to use. At Felluca Overhead Door, based in the heart of Rochester, NY, they are known for providing top-notch garage door repairs and installations. Their customers often ask them for tips and advice on how to reorganize their garages quickly and easily. 

Here are the top four garage reorganization tips from Rochester’s best garage door repair company:

Sort Items

The first step in reorganizing your garage is sorting through your current inventory of goods. Open up your garage door and start arranging things in piles based on use. If you come across items you no longer use or want, create a donate pile as well. 

Repurpose & Reuse

Before dropping your unwanted goods off at a thrift store, evaluate your belongings to see if they can be reused and repurposed to help with your new organization system. Hold onto crates, boxes, empty jars and bottles, or hooks and shelving. They may come in handy for your new and improved setup. 

Add Shelving & Storage

Garage DoorOnce all of your belongings are sorted by function, pull them out of the space and install shelving, storage buckets, or hooks. If you have filing cabinets or an old dresser you aren’t using in the house, bring them into your garage and see how they can help benefit the space.

Go Vertical

For easier access to all of your items, don’t be afraid to go vertical. Install hooks and storage solutions on the walls and ceilings of your garage. This will allow better access to your things, and you’ll maximize your floor space. 

If you live in the Rochester, NY, area, and you’re looking for the region’s best garage door repair company, call Felluca Overhead Door today at (585) 467-2391 to schedule your next appointment. To find out more about their garage door installation and repair services, check out their website

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