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Commercial Cleaning Provider Exposes the 3 Most Germ-Infested Spaces in Your Office February 28, 2017

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Commercial Cleaning Provider Exposes the 3 Most Germ-Infested Spaces in Your Office , Goshen, New York

Cold and flu season is in full swing. One of the best tools against illness this winter is knowing where germs are most likely to pop up. The commercial cleaning experts at Mr. K’s Carpet Service of Goshen, New York, explain how your office space might be housing more germs than you realize. Even with regular cleanings, your office is often significantly less sanitary than you think.

Wondering where the germs hide in your office? The carpet cleaning professionals at Mr. K’s Carpet Service expose three central hubs of germ activity in an office.

3 Most Germ-Infested Office Areas

The Bathroom

Common sense dictates that the bathroom would house the most germs, and in this case common sense is correct. Without regular tile and grout cleaning, a thorough scrub of the surfaces and regular disinfectant spray, the office bathroom can spread everything from E. Coli to Hepatitis A. Surprisingly, toilets are the not the worst offenders. Faucets, sink ledges and door handles are the unlikely culprits.

The Kitchen or Break Room

commercial cleaningNot all offices have a full kitchen. Most, however, have a break room with a coffee pot and mini fridge. For offices with a full kitchen, this is a prime locale for germs. The kitchen sink houses more germs than anywhere else in the office; for a thorough scrubbing and disinfecting, call a commercial cleaning company.

Your Desk

Your desk is one of the most germ infested areas in your office. Why? Consider this—everything you touch in a day is spread all over your mouse, keyboard, monitor, pens and paper. A regular disinfecting wipe down is key to keeping your desk germ free.

The easiest way to combat germs in your office is to hire a commercial cleaning company for regular maintenance. Mr. K’s Carpet Service has been serving the Goshen, New York area for over thirty years, so call (845) 294-5345 or visit their website to book a professional cleaning today. Also, follow Mr. K’s Carpet Service on Facebook for cleaning tips and exclusive promotions.