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3 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Small Space Feel Luxurious April 20, 2017

Honolulu, Honolulu
3 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Small Space Feel Luxurious , Honolulu, Hawaii

Making small spaces feel luxurious requires nothing more than interior design guidance and creativity. With the right home décor and modern furniture, small spaces can look and feel as comfortably sophisticated as their larger counterparts. mesh by Shari Saiki of Honolulu, Hawaii, offers clients home furnishings from across the world at a competitively affordable price. Dedicated to helping homeowners create the space of their dreams, mesh by Shari Saiki offers consultations and home planning for those struggling to curate the look they’re envisioning.

The interior design experts at mesh by Shari Saiki provide homeowners three tips for furnishing their small spaces the most efficiently.

Top 3 Interior Design Tips for Small Spaces 

Keep Sight Lines Open

The easiest way to make a space feel smaller is to fill it with furniture that blocks sightlines. Sightlines refer to what you see the moment you walk in a room. To make a smaller space seem spacious, keep furniture to the perimeter whenever possible. Furniture not placed along the edges of the room should be glass to allow the eye to move from one area to the next freely. This will make the room feel dramatically larger.

interior designChoosing Multipurpose Pieces

The biggest problem with a smaller space is the lack of storage options. Too often this leads to clutter. The easiest solution is to look for pieces providing hidden storage or serve multiple purposes. Search for pieces with hidden compartments and think creatively when choosing pieces. This will automatically free up space that would otherwise be wasted on storage.

Keep It Slim

When it comes to furnishing a small space, slender is the operative word. Furniture pieces should not add unnecessary bulk to a room. Choose bed frames, dining room tables, chairs and tables that are sleek, modern and lean. Traditionally large, bulky pieces will only bog down a small space while wasting precious real estate.

Creating the home of your dreams out of a smaller space is a matter of creativity and experience. Struggling to make the most of your living space? Call (808)536-6374 or visit the mesh by Shari Saiki website to schedule a consultation with an interior designer. Also, be sure to follow mesh by Shari Saiki on Facebook for tips, industry news and exclusive promotions.

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