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Own a Septic Tank? Diamond Snake Excavating Answers Your Top 4 FAQs March 1, 2017

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Own a Septic Tank? Diamond Snake Excavating Answers Your Top 4 FAQs, Wappinger, New York

Despite how essential a septic tank is to daily life, its fundamentals are not common knowledge. While a properly installed tank doesn’t demand much maintenance, it's important to understand the basics. Diamond Snake Excavating in Wappingers Falls, NY, has provided septic tank installations for more than 40 years, and they've noticed the following questions come up the most.

Top 4 FAQs on Septic Tanks

Where Is My Septic Tank Located?

For those with older septic systems, the tank is likely buried underground entirely; if you’re unsure where it is buried, you’ll need to contact your county health department. Tanks in newer systems usually have an access lid above ground.

How Can I Maintain a Healthy Septic Tank?

septic tankKeep in mind your septic tank collects everything that goes down the drain, so only water, waste, and toilet paper go in your sinks and toilets. General plumbing tips, such as installing drain strainers to prevent clogs and using a plunger instead of a caustic chemical drain cleaner, still apply. Aside from that, Diamond Snake Excavating also recommends scheduling regular septic tank pumping to ensure maximum efficiency and sanitation.

How Can I Protect the Septic Field?

The septic field, also known as the drain field, should be left alone as much as possible. Never drive or park on it, divert gutters and water drainage far away, and keep plants at a safe distance so the roots do not damage the septic system.

Should I Upgrade My Septic System?

If you haven't encountered any severe, persistent problems, like constant clogs or sewage backing up, you don't necessarily need to upgrade, but there are some significant advantages. Newer systems are designed with better fail-safes to reduce backups and limit the negative impact on the environment surrounding the septic field. Depending on how many repairs you've needed in the past, it may be better in the long-run to invest in a newer septic tank.

For those in the Hudson Valley looking to upgrade their septic tank, turn to Diamond Snake Excavating. Their team will carefully remove your old or broken septic tank and install an efficient one promptly. They'll also determine if the septic field is functioning correctly and repair it if it isn’t. Call them today at (845) 831-5278 or visit their website to learn more.