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Out on Bail? Why You Need to Follow the Conditions March 8, 2017

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Out on Bail? Why You Need to Follow the Conditions, Rocky Fork, Missouri

If you are released from jail on a bail bond, there will be certain conditions attached. Primarily, they’ll mandate you appear in court for your trial, but there may also be restrictions on your travel, activities, and associations with certain people. The exact conditions will depend on your record and the bonding company you work with. It’s important to follow these to the letter, as infractions can have major consequences.

One of the most straightforward consequences of violating the conditions of a bail bond is your bail may be revoked. If a judge finds you are in violation, they may issue a warrant for your arrest, and you’ll end up back in jail, this time without the option to leave. This can also mean another, separate criminal charge, which will not help your case when you stand trial.

bail bondYou may also end up forfeiting your bail amount if you skip bail. This is bad enough when the bail bond was funded out of your own pocket, but if you had to borrow money from friends or family, this can be extremely damaging to their finances. Following your bonding contract protects them as well as you. If your bond was insured with other property as collateral, you’ll lose it.

Even if your bail is not revoked or forfeited, a judge can apply lighter penalties, such as imposing more restrictive bail conditions or increasing your bail amount, potentially to a sum you can’t pay. Every infraction against your bail bond contract is likely to restrict your freedom even further.

If you’re released on bail, the best thing you can do for yourself, your family, and your case is to follow the terms exactly. Clarify the conditions of your release with your bonding company, and keep the rules in mind as you go about your day.

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