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Dentist Shares 5 Foods to Avoid to Keep Your Teeth Healthy February 20, 2017

Homer, Kenai Peninsula
Dentist Shares 5 Foods to Avoid to Keep Your Teeth Healthy, Homer, Alaska

You probably know a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is good for your heart and overall health. Did you also know a healthy diet can keep your teeth healthy, too?

Dr. Susan Polis, the dentist at Preventive Dental Services, PC reminds her Homer, AK, patients to avoid these five foods for optimal dental care:

1. Foods & Drinks High In Sugar

A piece of candy now and then probably won’t do much harm to your teeth, especially if you are diligent about your at-home dental care routine of brushing and flossing. Eating candy every night after dinner, however, could result in damage. Drinks high in sugar, like sodas, energy drinks, and sports drinks, can lead to enamel erosion, which leaves your teeth vulnerable to decay.

2. Certain Starchy Foods

Highly processed starches like bread and pasta contain sugars bacteria feed and thrive off of. These sugars become acids, which eat away at the tooth enamel.

dental care3. Dark Beverages

Coffee, tea and red wines can all stain your teeth. Adding sweeteners to your coffee or tea make them even more damaging to your tooth enamel. Because we tend to sip these drinks slowly, the acidity remains for a longer period of time, creating a longer window in which to do more damage.

4. Highly Acidic Foods & Drinks

Although they are critical to a healthy diet, highly acidic foods and beverages such as oranges, fruit juices, tomatoes and tomato juice can all cause harm when consumed in excess.

5. Hard Foods

Biting your nails, chewing on ice cubes, pork rinds or unpopped popcorn kernels can all lead to cracks and other damage to your teeth. If you have already had a filling, root canal treatment or a crown, these hard foods can do even more harm to your teeth.

If you want to achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums, you must be diligent in all aspects of your dental care. This means brushing and flossing at least twice daily, eating a well-balanced diet and visiting the dentist every six months for a cleaning and checkup. Preventive Dental Services, PC has two dental clinics conveniently located in Homer and Barrow. Call them at (907) 235-1286 to schedule your next appointment with their dentist.

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