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What is High-Risk Car Insurance? February 17, 2017

Albemarle, Stanly
What is High-Risk Car Insurance? , Albemarle, North Carolina

Unfortunately, many high-risk drivers find that their options for car insurance policies can be extremely costly—they also find that it’s incredibly difficult to find substantial coverage. But what is it about this type of insurance that makes it such a hassle?

If you’ve recently been deemed a high-risk driver, you may be wondering why you were given this title and what you can do to make finding coverage a bit more manageable. Read on to learn about why high-risk car insurance is required and the options that are available to make it less expensive. 

When Is High-Risk Car Insurance Required?

Mcar insuranceany times, drivers are considered high-risk if they have a record that suggests they are more likely to get into an accident. For example, drivers who have received multiple speeding tickets, a DUI, or those who have been involved in several auto accidents can be labeled as high-risk. However, being high-risk isn’t always related to your driving history. If you have bad credit or are a first-time driver, insurance companies may have reason to believe that you pose a greater financial threat to them.

Fortunately, your status as a high-risk driver isn’t always permanent. By maintaining a clean driving record for a specific amount of time, you can achieve a “low-risk” status once again.

How Do I Save On High-Risk Car Insurance?

While you are considered high-risk, you will have to pay more to get coverage. However, you still have the right to receive that coverage through a provider of your choice. Often, you can save a great deal by working with a local insurance agency. Compared to national providers, these companies will usually offer lower rates and may even allow you to establish a payment plan to make sure you get all the coverage you need.


If you are a high-risk driver living in Albemarle, NC, turn to the experts at A Affordable Insurance Services. Since 2006, this local insurance agency has been helping residents of Stanly and Montgomery counties find the insurance solutions they need. To review the many low-cost coverage options offered by A Affordable Insurance Services, visit their website. To speak with an expert customer service representative, call (704) 986-2222.

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