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3 Reasons Your Yard Needs a Retaining Wall February 23, 2017

Honolulu, Oahu
3 Reasons Your Yard Needs a Retaining Wall, Honolulu, Hawaii

Designing the perfect backyard landscape takes time, precision, and a keen eye for features that will bring some added interest to your end product. Many homeowners find that a concrete retaining wall is one of the easiest, most functional installments they can choose to include. Retaining walls not only offer a beautiful, unique look, but structural support as well.

When it comes to backyard beautification projects, homeowners in the Honolulu, HI, area call on Rugged Slopes Hawaii. Their staff of knowledgeable home renovation experts will help you find the right materials and send an expert contractor to install a retaining wall, leaving your home more functional and inspired than before.

Still weighing your backyard design options? Here’s why you should consider implementing a retaining wall:

  • Functional Support: Concrete retaining walls do a great job of providing functional support for any soil or plants you choose to use in the surrounding area. By using concrete walls, you can ensure any flowers or trees you plant behind the wall will have a sturdy place to grow. Plus, using concrete in your backyard is a great way to add some contrast to the greenery of the area.
  • retaining wallPrevent Damage: While making your yard beautiful is certainly a priority, there is nothing more important than designing a landscape that’s not susceptible to damage from outdoor conditions. Concrete retaining walls help to keep slopes or mounds from sliding, prevent sinkholes, and even stop flooding and erosion. By using concrete walls, you can be sure the yard you’ve worked so hard to perfect stays intact.
  • Reduce Maintenance: While every yard requires some amount of maintenance on the homeowner’s end, a concrete retaining wall reduces the amount of work needed to upkeep the overall appearance. Creating a clear separation between grass and soil, a retaining wall makes it easy to tend to each section of your yard individually. Plus, by adding in concrete separators, you can minimize any piles of unsightly soil laying around and put it to use instead.

Concrete retaining walls not only add a unique touch to any homeowner’s backyard, but they serve as a functional piece of equipment as well. Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic boost or a landscaping option that will help retain the integrity of your yard, a retaining wall is a solid option. If you’re a resident of the Honolulu area, work with the expert contractors at Rugged Slopes Hawaii to get the look you want and the functionality you need at a fair price. Visit them online or call (808) 722-4918 today.

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