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Understanding How Solar Energy Helps the Environment February 16, 2017

Kihei, Maui
Understanding How Solar Energy Helps the Environment, Kihei, Hawaii

The sustainability movement has gained steam worldwide, but it has always been particularly important in places with sensitive island environments, like Hawaii. By being responsible on an individual level and switching to solar energy, it’s possible to do your part in the fight against global warming. Based in Kihei, Pacific Energy has become known as the region’s premier solar company. Whether you need a solar installation or an adjustment to your solar panels, these pros will help you with your renewables. 

Using solar energy is a boon for the environment. Here are three ways using solar panels helps you go green: 

  • solar energy Kihei HIDecreases the Rate of Global Warming: Solar energy is an alternative to generating power with fossil fuels. When oil and natural gas are burned, they create energy but also release carbon into the atmosphere that depletes the ozone layer. Since solar energy has no emissions, you’re making an energy investment in a source that will help the planet instead of hurting it.  
  • Requires Few Resources: Since solar energy relies on the incredible power of the sun, no resources need to be mined from the earth. Oil and natural gas, however, require a tremendous amount of energy for extraction and transportation all around the world. Not only is that energy use wasteful, but fossil fuel consumption also worsens global warming. 
  • No Air Pollution: Another benefit of solar energy is that it is a clean energy source. The air around your solar panels will be unaffected by the power production. Conversely, burning fossil fuels releases a variety of pollutants into the air, creating smog and worsening respiratory health conditions like asthma.

If you care about the environment, it makes sense to invest in solar energy. To find out more about having solar panels installed, call Pacific Energy at (808) 280-8135. For more information about the company, visit their website

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