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Interior Painting 101: Top 5 Preparation Tips February 16, 2017

Anchorage, Anchorage County
Interior Painting 101: Top 5 Preparation Tips, Anchorage, Alaska

Planning a major painting project can be a stressful experience. Expedite your interior painting project with a few preparation tips that make the job easier for the painting contractors and you. Save time and potential damage to furniture, decor, and other property by making it easy for your home improvement team to get in and out of your house. If you want multiple rooms painted, think about which rooms should be painted first and devise your plan from there.

Top 5 Interior Painting Preparation Tips

1. Remove Furniture

interior paintRemove furniture in the rooms to be painted. Place the furniture as out of the way as possible, such as in your basement or even a temporary storage unit. If you cannot remove some furniture for whatever reason, cover it completely with plastic or other applicable coverings that leave no part of the furniture exposed.

2. Use Drop Cloths

Protect your flooring with thick drop cloths. This material cannot be easily punctured to cause paint to seep onto hardwood floors or carpeting. Make a path from the project room to your front door with drop cloths, so the painting contractors do not accidentally track paint through your home.

3. Clean the Walls

Take all decor off the walls and clean them to create a smooth, even surface for the painting contractors to work on. Use a white vinegar and water or a mild detergent and water solution. Apply trisodium phosphate to kitchen grease splatters or soot stains.

4. Remove Light Fixtures & Switch Plates

Unscrew all switch plates and light fixtures to avoid paint splatters and smears. Consider turning off the electricity in the room through your circuit breaker to make the area safer for the painting contractors.

5. Tape Baseboards

Use painter’s tape over baseboards or consider removing them before your painting contractors get to work. Place tape over electrical outlets and radiators as well.


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