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3 Options for a Sleek Stainless Steel Finish February 17, 2017

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3 Options for a Sleek Stainless Steel Finish, Wood, Missouri

Choosing the right stainless steel finishing option can enhance the appeal of a product, but with so many choices available, it can be hard to know which one is best for your material. The experts at Douglass Steel in Mountain Grove, MO, want you to understand standard industry designations and how fabrication processes will affect your choice of surface finish. Rough-surface finishes are best if the steel will be ground before it’s painted or glued, while smooth-surface finishes work best on steel that’s blended.

There are three common steel finishing options: matte finish, brushed finish, and mirror finish.

No. 2B – Matte Finish

steelThe least expensive option on this list, matte finishes are often chosen when appearance isn’t a priority or it’s known that further finishing will be needed. No. 2B means the steel has not been processed further, while matte finishes are dull in appearance. It is commonly used on paper mill equipment, laundry and dry cleaning products, and chemical plant equipment.

No. 4 – Brushed Finish

This particular finish can vary from batch to batch from different steel distributors or even the same supplier. That’s because No. 4 brushed finishes are influenced by different manufacturing conditions. This finish is preferred for items for which appearance matters. For example, it is often chosen for jewelry, home appliances, and decorative items.

No. 8 – Mirror Finish

As the name implies, mirror finishes are reflective and achieved by polishing the steel. It is created either through a rolling procedure or treating the surface with fine abrasives before buffing the surface.  It is often found in mirrors, wall panels, and reflectors.

If you need help selecting a stainless steel finish, call Douglass Steel at (417) 926-5589. With more than a half century in the steel and metal fabrication industry, they’ll identify the exact material you need. Learn more about their services online

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