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Duvets vs. Comforters: What's the Difference? February 22, 2017

Mason, Warren
Duvets vs. Comforters: What's the Difference?, Mason, Ohio

Have you ever wondered about the differences between comforters and duvets? Bedding and pillows come in many different textures, styles, and colors. Sometimes the choices can feel overwhelming. The experts at DOWNLITE take the guesswork out of the bedding selection process by giving their customers the very best virtual shopping experience through their online storefront. 

But before you dive into that great bedding adventure, it will help to know some basic differences between duvets and comforters. A couple of basic things to keep in mind when choosing a duvet or comforter are the ease of washing and whether or not you actually enjoy making your bed every day. 


Comforters are quilted, thick, fluffy blankets used mainly for warmth. They are usually filled with a synthetic fiber that is stitched in place in order to keep it from sliding around. Comforters are intended to sit on top of sheets and provide a layered look to your bed. They are mostly sold in bedding sets along with coordinating separates, so decorating is a snap. Unlike duvets, cleaning your comforter is as easy as throwing it in the wash with other bedding. 


Unlike traditional comforters, duvets, sometimes commonly called down comforters, are soft, flat bags filled with feathers, down, or wool. A duvet should be protected by a removable, washable cover. This type of bedding originates from Europe and is filled with down feathers because of their insulating properties. If making the bed each day isn’t your thing, then adding a duvet will make the process a lot easier, since you just have to deal with a single covering and not a layering of sheets, blankets, and quilts. Consider adding some down pillows to your bedding ensemble. 

Let the skilled staff of DOWNLITE help you meet and exceed your bedding needs. DOWNLITE has a wide selection of duvets, comforters, sheets, and pillows to satisfy every taste. Go to their website and visit their online storefront today to begin, or call (866) 931-3696 for more information.