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Top 3 Reasons Student Travel Programs Are Perfect for Your Teen February 15, 2017

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Top 3 Reasons Student Travel Programs Are Perfect for Your Teen , White Plains, New York

The days of summer camp have passed. By their teen years, your child craves independence and freedom. Student travel programs like those hosted by Zeal Adventure and Travel of White Plains, NY, offer teens the freedom to roam, explore, and connect with their peers. Whether you opt for an international adventure or decide to keep it domestic, student travel programs get your teen off of the internet and into the real world in an exciting, thought-provoking, and memorable way.

Wondering if a student travel program is the right summer activity for your teen? Zeal Adventure and Travel spotlights the top three reasons for enrolling your teen in an upcoming teen adventure trip.

Top 3 Reasons Student Travel Programs Are Vital for Your Teen 

See the World Without a Screen

student travel programs West Harrison NYToday’s teens are practically glued to their mobile devices. So much of everyday life happens online that it’s easy for them to lose touch with the beauty of experiencing the world without the help of a Wi-Fi connection. Teen travel programs are the perfect antidote for an overly tech-dependent life. By placing your teen in a new environment, having them learn their way around, and setting them up with community service projects in the area, these adventures are getting your teen off their phone and pushing them to participate in real life.

Experience Other Cultures

Raising an open-minded and tolerant teen is likely at the top of your list of parenting goals. Few things have been shown to increase open-mindedness more than experiencing a new way of life firsthand. Youth travel programs give your teen the experience of immersing themselves in a new culture and experiencing a different way of living. Rather than spending the summer at camp with their peers, your teen is being given a chance to expand their worldview. 

Navigate New Terrain

We all want to know our teens are capable of thinking for themselves. Taking your teen out of their comfort zone and asking them to navigate a new and unfamiliar place is the perfect way to build problem solving skills and confidence in your teen. Your teen will be given the independence needed to develop an unassailable set of navigation skills and a solid belief in themselves as competent thinkers.

Show your teen there is more to the world than what's happening on their phone. Visit the Zeal Adventure and Travel website for a full listing of student travel programs before calling 844-282-9325 to enroll your teen today. Also, be sure to follow Zeal Adventure and Travel on Facebook to learn about future trips.