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Veterinarians Explain Why You Need to Watch Your Pet’s Weight February 23, 2017

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Veterinarians Explain Why You Need to Watch Your Pet’s Weight, Avon, Ohio

The obesity epidemic isn’t affecting just humans—veterinarians ensure that your pets are facing the same issue. Recent studies show that roughly 58% of cats and 54% of dogs in the U.S. are overweight or obese, which is why it’s important to contact veterinarians at Avon Animal & Bird Hospital in Ohio to ensure your pet isn’t at risk of suffering obesity-related conditions.

veterinarianWeight-related issues in pets mimic the same systemic and cardiovascular problems that humans face. Heart and respiratory disease, various forms of cancer, and Type 2 Diabetes are just a few of the major conditions that can arise from pet obesity, but it’s thankfully a preventable problem. Age, breed, and gender are all factors that can come into play, and it’s important to schedule regular pet wellness exams with Avon Animal & Bird Hospital so that your felines, canines, and winged companions are receiving the medical attention they require.

If you’re curious about your pet’s current health status, veterinarians advise that there are a few warning signs you can keep an eye on at home. In both cats and dogs, you should be able to see their rib outlines without excess fat. While this may be mistaken for under-feeding, it’s a proven detail that shows your pet is trim and healthy. Look at your pet from all angles—their bellies should be tucked up when viewing from the side, and their waists should be clearly visible when looking from overhead. You need to contact a veterinarian for a more extensive pet health analysis, but these are everyday checks at home you should be conducting between visits.

To prevent your pet from becoming obese, the most common methods are monitoring their food and exercise regiments. Much like humans, a proper calorie output and input balance is a surefire way to keep things in check. Veterinarians can help you determine this based on detailed feedback you provide and will develop an exercise plan to ensure your pet is burning any excess fat that needs to be lost.

It’s imperative to get on top of weight- and obesity-related issues before they develop into more complicated conditions. Veterinarians at Avon Animal & Bird Hospital can help determine a professional course of action for handling the issue. Visit their website for a detailed breakdown on pet wellness, and schedule a pet health exam at their Avon, OH, clinic today by calling (440) 934-6516.

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