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Learn What Makes Chem-Dry Cleaning Services so Special With Omega Chem-Dry October 31, 2014

Gaithersburg, Montgomery
Learn What Makes Chem-Dry Cleaning Services so Special With Omega Chem-Dry, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Anyone who takes pride in their home knows that the most important thing is its cleanliness. Everyone wants to find the best, most efficient, and safest way to keep their homes immaculate and the cleaning professionals at Omega Chem-Dry know this better than anyone. That’s why they exclusively use a unique dry chemical formula on all of their cleaning jobs called Chem-Dry. What’s so great about Chem-Dry, you may ask? Easy! Omega Chem-Dry’s cleaning system is based on a method that is cleaner, drier and healthier than traditional treatments.

Here’s how they achieve a superior clean with no harmful side effects:

  • Cleaner: This cleaning solutions doesn't  leave behind any sort of sticky residue, meaning nothing is left behind to attract more unsightly dirt. After a Chem-Dry cleaning, your floors and furniture will stay cleaner for longer. The equipment utilized is also state of the art, so these cleaning technicians will be able to get to even the deepest carpet stains. Whether it's a carpet or furniture cleaning, their specialized formula will clean better than steam-cleaning every time.
  • Drier: These cleaning materials use just a fraction of water compared to traditional steam cleaning services. Less water means less time waiting for your furniture or carpeting to finally dry. It also means saving water, making Chem-Dry a more environmentally conscious approach.
  • Healthier: All of Omega Chem-Dry’s cleaning solutions are 100 percent natural and are completely non-toxic. So its safe for all your rugs, family furniture, and upholstered surfaces.

When you need your living space to look spectacular, trust the unique service that will provide the most effective cleaning solution for your home. With Chem-Dry cleaning your carpets, furniture, and home, you will enjoy the fastest, safest, and most efficient cleaning in the Maryland and Washington DC area. Call Omega Chem-Dry at (240) 404-0200 and visit their website today for a free quote.

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