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Tire Services: How Often Should You Rotate & Balance Your Tires? February 15, 2017

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Tire Services: How Often Should You Rotate & Balance Your Tires?, Osceola, Wisconsin

According to Jones Automotive in Dresser, WI, tire services like balancing and rotation offer several advantages. For one, having tires in good shape will help your car remain safe on the road—and can be especially beneficial in rough conditions, such as those associated with winter driving. Secondly, this routine tire service can help extend the life of your tires, allowing you to maintain an economical gas mileage.

But while many drivers know these services are essential, the Jones Automotive team recognizes it can be hard to know how often to have your tires balanced and rotated. To make things a little more complicated, these tire maintenance services don’t always happen at the same time.

When to Get Your Tires Balanced

As you drive your vehicle, the weights that exist between the wheel and the tire can shift and become unevenly distributed. The result can lead to excessive vibrations while driving, as well as uneven tire tread. If you notice any of those problems, you should consult a tire professional to see if balancing is in order. However, that’s not the only time you should have the service done.

When you buy new tires, you should always have your tires properly balanced to promote even wear from the start. However, since the life of tires can be long, it’s generally recommended to get them balanced between every 4,000 and 6,000 miles, depending on the recommendations of the tire manufacturer.

When to Get Your Tires Rotated

tire serviceTire rotation refers to the process of moving the tires to another end or side of the car to ensure they wear evenly. This is necessary because tires can wear differently at different positions. For example, your front tires can wear out faster than your rear tires.

There are several schools of thought as to how often you should rotate your tires, so the best way to tell is by seeing what your auto manufacturer recommends for the car. However, a general rule of thumb is to have them rotated a few times throughout the year or every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. If timed appropriately, many people are able to rotate and balance their tires at the same time.

If it’s time to get your tires rotated or balanced, Jones Automotive offers complete tire services in Dresser, WI. In addition, they can provide other necessary auto tuneups, such as wheel alignment. Contact the team at (715) 755-3500 to schedule service, and check out their website to see if you qualify for one of their car maintenance specials.

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