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4 Dog Washing & Grooming Tips to Relieve Itchy Skin February 14, 2017

Mulberry, Miami
4 Dog Washing & Grooming Tips to Relieve Itchy Skin, Miami, Ohio

Your skin is not the only one to grow dry and itchy during the winter; your dog is also prone to these skin issues thanks to the cold, arid air that occurs this time of year. Shar-Jo’s Pet Styling & In-Home Pet Sitting in Milford, OH, often sees animals with itchy skin in the frigid months. They know that with a few helpful dog washing and grooming tips, you can help to alleviate the uncomfortableness your pup may be feeling.

Here are a few they recommend you try out:

  • Add Essential Fatty Acids to Diet: Omega-3 fatty acids, such as cod liver oil and fish body oil, help your dog’s skin retain its moisture during the winter. Plus, they also have many other benefits, including providing joint relief, aiding kidney function, and preventing heart disease.
  • Give Weekly Oatmeal Baths: A great way to help your dog find relief from their dry, itchy skin is to give them regular oatmeal baths. This is a common regimen suggested by groomers and veterinarians—when you combine this with a natural, pH-balanced shampoo, you can provide weekly dog washing to help your dog’s skin stay moisturized.
  • dog washingApply a Paw Treatment Shampoo: Your dog’s skin is not the only area of their body that gets aggravated when the weather gets dry. Applying a paw treatment shampoo helps to keep their paws clean, moisturized, and will also decrease the amount of allergens they are able to ingest.
  • Implement Coconut Oil: Adding ¼ to 1 teaspoon to your dog’s meals once or twice a day can help to improve their coat and improve the health of their skin overall. You can also apply a small amount to their fur and down to their skin to add moisture and prevent flaking.

For more dog washing and grooming tips you can use to improve the well-being of your dog’s skin, contact Shar-Jo’s Pet Styling & In-Home Pet Sitting today. Schedule an appointment for your pup by calling (513) 831-9457, or learn more about their grooming and pet-sitting services by visiting their website. You can also stop by their Facebook page to read what past clients had to say about their pet care.

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