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What is a Landscape Plan? Oahu's Garden Expert Explains May 18, 2017

Namahana Ahupua`a, Hanalei
What is a Landscape Plan? Oahu's Garden Expert Explains, Hanalei, Hawaii

While it's true an empty, sprawling terrain possesses a certain kind of beauty, when it comes to our front lawns and backyards, we can't simply leave it up to nature. Designing an alluring landscape requires meticulous preparation and considerable work, which all begins with a landscape plan. A planned garden design will yield exceptional results.  According to Greg Boyer Landscape Corp., one of the top residential design firms in Hawaii, a landscape plan is basically a detailed floor plan for the exterior.  The plan establishes which areas will be paved, which will be planted, whether any water features or walls will be installed, and of course, what types of plants will be used.

The paved areas in a landscape plan include the walkways, vehicular access spaces, and storage areas. Just like an interior floor plan, these aspects, also known as the hardscape, must be carefully designed with considerations to elements like flow, accessibility, security, and privacy. These factors all depend on the client’s needs as well as the existing site conditions.

Typical planting plan from Greg Boyer Landscape Corp.

As for the planting areas, there are two types: passive and active. As you might expect, passive areas feature plants, shrubs, and trees meant for shade and decoration throughout your garden. Active areas, on the other Typical planting plan from Greg Boyer Landscape Corp.hand, are comprised mainly of lawn and are meant for walking and playing. Choosing the right plants depends on preference and function, not to mention growing habits. Greg Boyer Landscape Corp. has a five-acre landscape nursery in Kona, which gives them access to a wide variety of plants, such as native palm trees and tropical shrubs. They’ll always choose which plants will work best based on the location and conditions of your property.

For anyone in Hawaii who's been dreaming of the perfect garden, contact Greg Boyer Landscape Corp. today at (808) 239-8264. With more than four decades in the industry and a comprehensive landscape nursery, you can trust you'll be getting a landscape that's thoughtfully tailored to your needs. To see more examples of their work and to learn more about their services, please visit their website.  

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